We are hiring for the following positions.

Current openings: There are current openings as of listed below. At Salary Dost , we look out for individuals who are motivated and smart, and who want to be a part of this ever growing and happening industry. If you think you have got that fire in you to prove your mettle, then write to us at sheetal.kerekar@salarydost.com
P.S. Enthusiasm at work is much needed and rewarded at Salary Dost .

  • Operations Manager (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Business Development Manager (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Customer Support Executive (2-3yrs Experience)(Apply)
  • Credit Manager(Personal Loan) (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Collection Manager (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Senior Software Developer( PHP & Spring MVC) (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Product Manager (2-3yrs Experience) (Apply)
  • Digital Marketing Executive (1-2yrs Experience) (Apply)