SalaryDost Journey so far!

March 2018

Establishment of SalaryDost.

August 2018

Mobile Application launched.

November 2018

Tie-Up with Indiabulls.

December 2018

Tie-Up with Appollo Finance Pvt.Limited.

February 2019

Started with Operations.Disbursed our first loan.

March 2019

Tie-Up with Flipkart.

April 2019

Successfully Completed first 100 Disbursements.



Money can't buy happiness is what people said, we say Money can buy happiness, if you know perfectly where to shop is an innovation that is developed as a money lending platform that will revolutionaries the way loans are processed in INDIA.

Being in the technological environment where we have swapped traditional methodology with online platform, we bring together an all new credit scoring system for superior customer profiling. Our mobile based application is the finest strategy that will help customers get loans within blink on an eye.

The online platform is backed by a strong tech savy team that aims to build a quick responsive system for our potential clients. It is combined with traditional credit scoring along with new social and online scoring technology-linked with risk assessment concepts, to deliver a new business that is set to change the lending market in India.

Founded by Mrityunjay Shahi (Founder) and Sunil Rao (Promoter), who have served the finance industry for more than decade now, we believe will usher in a new way for the financial services business in the country, powered by social Media & strong data analytics. is the first financial product from My Salary Dost Fintech Pvt Ltd which was founded in March 2018 and operates in Thane – Mumbai with young professionals who are working towards a solution to cater to your daily financial needs.

What we do?

There had always been times in a month where we are standing empty pockets. Being broke in middle of a month is a common problem and plans to provide easy small bridge loan to tide over that short difficult period till your salary reaches your account.

We recognize how tech-savvy is the upcoming generation. It's characterized by endeavours to 'live life king size. Here we are to join you in the very start of your professional journey. We will financially back you to live those endeavours. whenever you have any cash crunch and your salary is due in weeks or in next 20 30 days you can rely on us.

Our Application based lending platform will help you avail short term loans in few minutes. Salary Dost process is simple and transparent like your friend.